Laser acne removal – helping you get clear skin

Posted on 09 Sep, 2010

Acne affects many of us at some point in our lives. Whilst some people experience pimples at puberty that fade, others are not so lucky and end up with acne scars that can stay forever. Suffering from acne and acne scars is a self-confidence buster.

Prescription pills are available for treatment but are rarely effective. Even if they do work, people can end up suffering from side effects. With the advent of laser treatment, acne can be treated in a short time with noticeable improvements. In search of a course of treatment that really works, acne sufferers are turning to laser removal for relief.

The procedure

Acne laser treatment is a painless, non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects. The surgeon projects beams of laser light on the acne thereby killing the bacteria responsible for it. It also reduces the size of the oil glands thereby decreasing oil production. The procedure stops the spread of acne to other areas of the face and reduces breakouts.

An advantage of using laser acne treatment is that the laser does not affect the other parts of the skin. It concentrates and heals only the affected area. The laser also triggers new collagen growth of the skin cells. The production of collagen helps in getting rid of any discolouration caused by lasers.