Laser acne removal treatment works effectively

Posted on 25 Apr, 2010

Acne is a common problem which is faced by many people all over the world. In order to remove acne from the skin, different types of antibiotics are used but they are sometimes unsuccessful. This is one of the main reasons why laser acne removal treatment is preferred by many people.

In this treatment, highly concentrated lasers are focused on the specific area which needs to be treated.

How lasers help in removing acne and acne scars

Firstly, lasers are used to kill the bacteria which are present in the skin and cause outbreaks. After this, lasers also help in shrinking the oil glands which play a major role in forming acne on the skin. Laser acne removal treatment also helps in removing scars and discolouration which appears on the skin due to acne. The main function of lasers is to stimulate new growth of collagen in the skin which ends up smoothing the scarred areas.

In order to remove acne and acne scars from the skin, you need to undergo several sessions. Once the acne treatment is complete, the healing process may take a little time.

After the treatment is complete, it is recommended to protect the treated area from sun exposure. In some cases, a little redness and swelling is also observed on the skin which fades within a few days.