When acne leaves unsightly scars behind, laser acne scar removal treatment can make an incredible difference. Cosmetic surgeons have used a number of different techniques to deal with ugly acne scars and the evolution of scientific methods is now having a really positive effect.

Dermabrasion was one of the most preferred methods used in the past. It involved removing the scarred upper layer of the skin using an abrasive procedure. However, this procedure was quite painful and required giving local anaesthesia to the patients during. The affected skin would also look raw for quite a while following the dermabrasion procedure. New unscarred skin would often take months to grow back.

Many doctors have also used chemical peels for acne scar removal. This procedure is quite drastic as it uses chemicals that cause the skin to peel off. This can also be very sore. Other procedures include soft tissue filling and punch replacement grafting. However, laser acne treatment is presently one of the most popular acne scar removal treatments. It uses non-ablative lasers that do not burn the affected skin surface. Rather, this procedure works underneath the skin surface, tightening the tissues and stimulating collagen production.

In laser acne treatment, the surgeon utilises a rod-like laser hand-piece to burn off the blemished skin cells. The fresh skin then replaces the burnt off cells. As the procedure is extremely precise, the surgeon can easily target the affected skin tissue whilst leaving the unaffected skin alone. If you want to get rid of unwanted acne scars, laser acne treatment is the right procedure to go for.