Acne is a common problem which can affect people of all ages. It forms when the pores of the skin become blocked and can be brought on by a number of factors.

Even when the acne clears up, scars are often left behind- which can have an effect on confidence.

Laser acne treatment is the easiest and fastest method of eliminating acne scars. In the past, acne scar treatments involved the use of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to target the upper layer of the skin. Although this helped to reduce the appearance of scars effectively, it had a relatively long recovery period. There was also a risk of additional scarring if the skin wasn’t cared for appropriately after the treatment.

The latest laser technology uses a non-ablative laser. This type of laser offers fantastic results and fewer risks.

Laser acne removal tends to feel uncomfortable rather than painful, which is another of its many bonuses.

The recovery period for laser acne treatment varies from person to person, but it generally quite speedy.

So, if you want to rid yourself of acne and acne scars, opting for laser acne treatment is a great idea.