When acne leaves scars behind, laser acne treatment can make difference in the overall appearance of your skin. While cosmetic surgeons have used numerous techniques to tackle acne problems, laser acne treatment has evolved as one of the best and most effective techniques.

In the past, dermabrasion was one method used for acne scar removal. It involved removing the uppermost scarred layer of the skin through a sanding procedure. However, this procedure was not only painful, but also used to take a lot of time. After dermabrasion, the skin also looked raw and used to cause a considerable amount of pain.

Many doctors also used chemicals to peel off the skin to achieve acne scar removal. Due to the use of chemicals, this procedure was quick, but used to cause skin blistering.

Why go for laser acne treatment?

Whilst older traditional procedures were quite painful and ineffective in treating acne problems, laser acne treatment has emerged as a painless and effective method of elimination.

The procedure is quite simple – it uses high intensity laser lights to target the acne causing bacteria. It stimulates collagen production and tightens the overall tissue as well. Thus, the new skin that grows is fresh, clear and acne free.