Laser acne treatment – An overview

Posted on 23 Feb, 2011

Laser treatment for acne has been a recent development. After much research cosmetologists have developed a method of using lasers to treat acne. The treatment has become popular and many clinics in London are now using it as a means to treat acne. It has various benefits for patients suffering from acne. Before we get into laser acne treatment let us first understand what acne is.

Acne explained

Acne is a skin ailment caused when excess oil is produced by the body or when bacteria fill the skin pores. It usually occurs during adolescence or in middle age. There are various kinds of acne that can develop on the skin. Out of these, acne vulgaris is the most common.

Laser treatment explained

Laser treatment for acne, as the name suggests, is a process which involves the cure of acne using lasers. There are many different types of lasers utilised to treat acne. Doctors use them depending on skin type, colour and the severity of the acne. The procedure is simple and is often completed in just a short period of time. Sometimes a patient undergoing laser acne treatment may have to undergo touch up sessions. Laser acne treatment is safe as only the affected part of the skin is treated with lasers. The surrounding skin cells are not affected.

After one completes laser acne treatment there may be redness or itchiness on the skin. Cosmetologists suggest that patients use topical creams. The redness and itchiness generally lasts for about a day after laser acne treatment is completed.