Laser acne treatment one of the newest and most effective ways of eliminating and avoiding acne. As antibiotics become increasingly unproductive because of overuse, more and more people are looking for alternative treatments.

During the procedure, the specialist uses a laser pen on the top of the affected area, which helps to create a new surface for skin cell growth.

Although laser acne treatment is relatively safe, swelling and bruising after the procedure are common side effects. More severe cases of acne are usually the result of a combination of excessive sebum and dead skin cells.

If you have severe acne, then laser treatment is ideal as many milder treatments- such as facial washes- are not likely to be very effective.

Laser acne treatment can not only be used for eliminating the bacteria that causes acne, but it can also help to fade blemishes and scars which acne has left behind.

Many reputable clinics now offer laser acne treatment, and many offer affordable payment packages which allow you to spread the cost of the treatment over a number of months.