Acne is a skin problem found in almost every age group, especially with teenagers due to various reasons like;

• Hormonal imbalance
• Blocked pores
• Unhealthy lifestyle

Before the introduction of the laser acne treatment it was difficult to treat them. Acne disappears with time but can leave ugly marks and blemishes on the skin. These can also be treated with laser treatment. Here are some frequently asked questions by patients:

Can I get rid of acne on other parts of my body?

Yes, you can get rid of acne on other parts of your body as well. This treatment does not only treat acne on your face but also other parts of the body such as the back and chest.

Will my skin be damaged?

You get a renewed and fresh looking skin after the laser acne removal treatment. The laser used works on the lower surface of your skin i.e. the dermis. No traces of treatment can hence be found on the upper layer of your skin. Extra care is taken to make sure that no area other than the affected part is exposed to the laser beam. This treatment is hence safe for skin.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions depends upon the intensity of the acne. The area to be treated also contributes to the number of sessions required. Minimum six to eight treatment sessions are required for normal acne. This might differ according to the affected area.

With the number of sessions, not only the acne but other scars and blemishes can also be treated.