Acne can be a problem for many people, especially teenagers. These spots affect how a person looks and can cause confidence issues.

What causes acne?

Contrary to the popular belief, acne is not caused by poor skin hygiene or oily skin. Hormonal changes are the root cause of acne. Elevated hormonal levels give rise to spots, which are then aggravated by sebum and dirt accumulation. Picking or squeezing the spots can worsen the condition and hence should be completely avoided.

What treatment options do you have?

You can either opt for over-the-counter pills and creams or choose laser acne treatment. The latter is a safe, highly effective and guaranteed method to help your acne break-out. On the other hand, pills and creams may aggravate the condition (depending on the skin type) and the healing process can take a long time. It’s worth noting that it’s always extremely important to get your skin type tested by your family doctor before taking pills or applying creams to the skin.

How does laser acne treatment work?

Prior to undergoing this procedure, you will be asked to refrain from consuming any prescription medication. Once you get the go ahead, the surgeon will focus the special laser on the affected area. The laser targets the sebaceous glands and shrinks the enlarged pores. It also burns away the over active glands, thereby getting rid of any excess oil production.

Precautions needed after the treatment

You might experience some amount of swelling near the treated area. This is completely normal and can be taken care of by applying ice. If you experience discomfort, it’s always worth speaking to your doctor. You will be able to carry on with your usual day-to-day activities within a week.