Acne is a common problem for millions of people around the world. If you suffer from severe acne, then your case is not unique. Many others suffer from it too and it can affect their self-confidence. To treat present day acne, laser acne treatment is the best option.

Laser acne treatment procedure

Laser acne treatment doesn’t just treat the upper layers of the skin but it treats the acne from its roots. The treatment targets the acne-causing bacteria, excess oil and skin inflammation that result in acne. The procedure is simple. High intensity laser beams are focussed on the affected areas of the skin. These focussed laser beams destroy the acne-causing bacteria and shrink the oil-producing sebaceous glands.

Laser acne treatment can cure acne on the chest and the back as well as on the face. Laser acne treatment not only cures current acne but it also prevents future break-outs. A successful acne treatment can be effective for a period of two or more years, providing the patient with clear, acne-free skin.

Types of treatment

Most laser acne treatments target the oil-producing sebaceous glands and shrink them so these glands produce less oil. The excess oil produced is responsible for clogging pores and hence laser beams are directed to shrink their size. Another type of laser acne treatment uses blue intense lights and it destroys the acne causing bacteria. These bacteria react with the excess oil and lead to inflammation of the skin, causing acne.