Acne is the type of skin disorder that affects thousands of people across the UK. It is mostly seen in teenagers and people of ages between eighteen and twenty five years. The characteristics associated with acne are scars, open pores and lots of pimples. Many different treatments are available today to counter acne and its symptoms. However, the most reliable and effective treatment is laser acne treatment.

What happens during laser acne treatment?

Laser treatment helps to significantly reduce the intensity of the acne scars. During the treatment procedure, the affected skin is exposed to laser light. The aim of the laser sessions is to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and also to reduce its future occurrence.

Laser treatment for acne is carried out after the patient’s condition is evaluated by the laser surgeon. In the initial evaluation, the laser type which is best suited to the person’s complexion is decided to give the desired results. For many patients, a single session of laser acne treatment might be enough. Based on the severity of the prevailing acne condition, multiple sessions may be needed. The results of laser treatment are permanent and quick and the patient can recover at home.