Laser acne treatment – How does the treatment work?

Posted on 20 Oct, 2010

Laser acne treatment is arguably the best treatment to cure severe acne. If you want to know a little more about this treatment, then read on.

At the clinic

The surgeon holds the laser directly on the affected area of the skin. High intensity laser light is then given out by the laser hand-piece. There is no need to apply anaesthetic cream on the affected region. There is also no pre-treatment medication that has to be taken orally.

Process of vacuuming

The intense laser beam is focussed on the skin and a gentle vacuum starts extracting impurities and dirt from the skin. This brings all the impurities to the uppermost surface of the skin. It cleans pores and removes blackheads, white heads, sebum and dirt from the skin. The process is known as photoneumatics.

Laser pulses

Apart from the vacuum, laser pulses are also directed on the skin from the laser device. These laser pulses are effective at destroying bacteria by removing oils by getting rid of dead skin cells. Apart from destroying bacteria, these laser pulses also control the activity of hyperactive sebaceous glands. The laser beams are directed carefully on the skin to cover the entire affected area until all acne has been removed.

Length of treatment

Depending on the area to be treated, the time taken varies from ten minutes to half an hour. For the face it takes ten minutes while treatment on other body parts might take twenty minutes to half an hour.


Results can be visible within a couple of days of the procedure. Patient can observe that the skin is even with less visible pores and a reduction in spider veins and redness of the skin.