Laser acne treatment is a quick way to cure acne

Posted on 28 Feb, 2011

Individuals suffering from acne usually try different procedures to solve the problem. In a bid to have clear and pimple free skin, many people apply different creams and lotions on the acne surface. However, these lotions and creams do not offer the similar results to everyone.

On the other hand, laser acne treatment offers a promising result for treating acne and stubborn skin blemishes. Using high intensity laser light beams, bacteria that cause acne and pimples are killed. The laser light also heats the lower layer of skin to reduce the size of oil glands. This way, even the shrunken sebaceous glands will produce less oil.

Why consider laser acne treatment?

Laser acne treatment is a relatively painless procedure. It is also the most effective procedure compared to other treatments for acne removal. As it produces quick results, patients can get clear skin soon after completing the procedure. To completely eliminate acne, patients may have to attend several treatment sessions. The number of sessions required completely depends on the severity of the acne.

The laser acne treatment procedure also removes blemishes like blackheads and white heads to provide a better skin appearance. While the procedure is completely painless, patients may experience slight discomfort in the form of skin redness and some minimal side effects. However, this is temporary and will vanish in a couple of days.

It is also recommended to avoid wearing make-up and using face wash products for a few days. Doing this, patients can ensure to get effective results from laser acne treatment.