Laser acne treatment is effective for eliminating acne

Posted on 31 Jan, 2010

Do you suffer from severe acne? Are you tired of using different skincare products, creams and therapies to get rid of it? If you are looking for an effective treatment that can clear the acne and blemishes, laser acne treatment is the most guaranteed and effective treatment on the market.

The laser acne treatment works by pulsing yellow light onto the skin surface. This light kills the bacteria that blocks pores and causes acne. The treatment is painless, though results differ depending on the severity of your acne. You may need a longer series of treatments if your acne is severe, as it takes longer for the skin to regenerate.

The introduction of laser acne treatment has replaced traditional forms of acne removal and prevention techniques. As antibiotics become less successful due to our immune systems becoming used to them, larger numbers of people now opt for the newer treatments. During your treatment, a doctor holds the laser pen above your skin and gently waves the intense light beam back and forth. This light penetrates the skin and destroys the harmful bacteria that causes acne. Although laser re-surfacing is painless and a safe procedure in most cases, some after-procedural swelling and bruising is normal.

So, if you are looking for a solution to cure your acne problems, it is ideal to go for laser acne treatment.