Laser acne treatment – The best procedure for acne scar removal

Posted on 04 Mar, 2011

Do you suffer from moderate or severe acne problems? Have you tried the prescribed medications and other skincare products? Did these treatments fail to improve your skin condition? If the reply is yes, you should consider acne scar laser treatment. It is a drugless, painless, non-invasive and FDA-approved technique used to cure acne problems.

Laser acne treatment works on both light and dark skin types. However, like other acne therapies, laser acne treatment may not work on every skin type. This is mainly because every person has a different skin type in terms of pore size, distribution of oil glands and texture. So, it will be wise to take expert advice from a dermatologist before opting for the laser acne treatment procedure.

The laser acne treatment procedure

Laser acne treatment involves focusing a beam of laser light on the affected area. The light emitted from the laser is monochromatic (of single wavelength). It is of high intensity and highly collimated. This monochromatic light produces heat below the skin surface where the acne spots appear.

The laser light treats acne in two different ways. Initially, the biological mechanism controls acne formation by shrinking the sebaceous glands that produce oil. Secondly, it also destroys the acne-producing bacteria (P. acne). In both cases, heat created by the laser does this job.

Besides treating acne, lasers are also used to eliminate the deep and unsightly scars left behind by the acne. While pulsed dye lasers are used for treating thick and red scars, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is mostly used for atrophic scars. If you want to get rid of acne with the minimum amount of discomfort, opt for laser acne treatment.