Laser acne treatment: The key to battle acne

Posted on 16 Feb, 2010

Acne vulgaris affects most teenagers worldwide and many people even carry this condition into their thirties and forties. Low self esteem, peer group exclusion and clinical depression are common factors associated with acne in teenagers. Adults are also affected with acne. People spend a lot of money in buying cosmetics to get rid of acne. However, the result is not always convincing. But with laser acne treatment you can cure even severe acne.

Laser acne treatment targets excess sebum

Acne develops due to excess sebum production, bacterial action, accumulation of dead skin, wrong eating and bad sleeping habits and even due to excessive stress. Laser acne treatment has helped many people suffering from acne and has offered them clearer skin. Laser acne treatment decreases sebaceous gland size and reduces sebum production which is the root cause of acne.

Propionibacterium acne

This type of acne is also referred to as ‘P. acne’. In this case, the bacteria live inside the pores in an anaerobic environment and causes inflation. They change oil into pustules. Topical and oral antibiotics are the traditional treatment to deal with P. acne. However there is high risk of creating a resistant group of bacteria with this traditional method. Laser acne treatment has eradicated the need to consume antibiotics to get rid of acne. The bacteria are photosensitive and laser acne treatment can destroy the underlying bacterial populations and reduce the inflammation caused by them. Laser acne treatment allows the skin to heal naturally and rapidly thus improves appearance of clients substantially.

Laser acne treatment also removes scars and is capable to make your skin look so good that you will simply love it.