If you suffer from acne, then you must have tried different treatments to cure it. There are many treatments available but perhaps the best is laser acne treatment.

Laser acne treatment

Laser acne treatment goes deep inside the skin to cure the acne, unlike other acne treatments which are directed on the external parts of the skin. The lasers used in laser acne treatment help to get rid of the surplus oil that is present in the skin. Laser acne treatment is available in a few different types but the core procedure followed at most clinics is the same.

Two types of laser acne treatment

The first type of laser acne treatment works by reducing the size of sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are responsible for the moisture content of the skin. When they release excess oil, it clogs up the skin pores and the hair follicles. The other type of laser acne treatment attacks the acne causing bacteria present in the skin.

Procedure and results of the treatment

The laser surgeon will use a handheld laser device on the affected parts of the skin. The intense beams of laser light will start working on the acne straight away. Though laser acne treatment is common to treat acne on the face, it is also beneficial to cure acne on the back, chest and other areas of the body. Laser acne treatment will not only cure the present acne but also works to prevent acne in the future. The effects of laser acne treatment will last for more than two years providing you with a good level of relief from the acne.