Laser acne treatment – Treats all the causes of acne

Posted on 24 Aug, 2010

Acne not only damages your skin but results in a lack of confidence for many people too. This problem is primarily limited to teenagers due to hormonal changes. However, you can see many adults facing this problem these days. The main reason behind adults facing acne is a stressed out lifestyle and excessive exposure to pollution and UV rays. Let us first have a look at what causes acne:

Conditions that cause acne


The main reason behind acne is excessive secretion of oil glands. This oil blocks the skin pores by attracting bacteria. This bacterium then multiplies resulting into swelling on skin. This red and pus filled swelling is known as acne.

Direct exposure to UV rays and pollution are two main reasons that cause acne. The changing lifestyle like increased consumption of fast food has resulted into a hormonal imbalance in adults as well. These changes lead to oil secretion that then causes worse acne. Local medications and home remedies might prevent acne in future, but cannot treat the marks and already present acne. Laser treatment is a technology that not only treats the acne but the scars and marks as well.

Why should laser technology be used to treat acne?


The best thing about laser treatment is that it treats the root cause of the problem. A laser beam is used on the affected areas to kill the bacteria that cause acne. This treatment reduces the size of sebaceous glands that produce oil. This results into less oil secretion by the skin, reducing the attack of acne.