Laser acne treatment – Understanding the procedure

Posted on 01 Dec, 2010

Acne is a common problem for many people throughout the world. Though it affects people of all ages, teenagers suffer from it the most. To treat acne, different treatments have been adopted but none have proven to be completely successful. Laser acne treatment is the only treatment that guarantees complete recovery.

Laser acne treatment – the procedure

Laser acne treatment is a simple, painless procedure. If you have decided to opt for laser acne treatment, then you need to consult a certified surgeon. At the clinic, you will be allowed to rest in a comfortable position. The doctor will direct the laser hand-piece on the affected skin area. No pre-treatment of the skin is required and even anaesthesia will not be given unless really required. The laser hand device will start working and will extract all impurities and bring them to the surface of the skin. This process will clean all pores and remove sebum, dirt, blackheads and white heads. This process is known as photoneumatics.

The focussed beams of laser light are also directed at the affected region of the skin. These beams will destroy all acne causing bacteria and get rid of dead skin cells and excess oil present in the skin. These laser beams will also reduce the size of sebaceous glands which ensures that less sebum will be produced. The laser beams are moved to different parts of the skin until all acne has been covered.

Treatment time

If you are wondering how much time the whole procedure takes, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The procedure will take anything from ten to twenty minutes on the face. To treat acne on other parts of the body like back, chest and larger parts, time taken will be more. The treatment is gentle and does not involve any recovery period.