Laser acne treatment – Why is it so popular?

Posted on 19 Nov, 2010

Acne is a problem faced by most teenagers. As acne and blackheads can make you feel self-conscious about the way you look, but different treatments are available to cure the problem. There are many over the counter creams and lotions available that claim to be effective at curing acne problems.

While acne lotions and creams work for some people, in other cases it worsens the existing acne problem. This is when opting for laser acne treatment would be a wise decision. The procedure uses concentrated beams of laser light that are focused on the areas that are to be treated.

How does the laser acne treatment procedure work?

The laser light beams do two things to your skin. Initially, they kill the bacteria that cause acne breakout. Next, these lights also cause the sebaceous glands to shrink. The sebaceous glands secrete oil that nourishes the skin. When this oil becomes blocked in the hair follicles, it results in acne. Shrinkage of oil glands not only causes acne breakouts, but it also decreases sebum production.

When the beam of laser light is focused on your skin, it can remove discoloration, disfigurement and scars caused due to earlier acne breakouts on the skin. While other acne treatment procedures show temporary effects, laser acne treatment is permanent. This procedure not only removes scars from your skin, but also stimulates collagen regeneration in your skin.

If you want to have clear, pimple free skin and want to get rid of acne problems permanently, you should consider opting for laser acne treatment.