Generally, acne is caused when an oily substance known as sebum is produced excessively by the sebaceous glands. Excess sebum along with dead skin cells blocks hair follicles. This results in acne. Bacterial growth in hair follicles is another cause of acne.

Most people use gels, topical creams, oral medication, herbal remedies and healthy eating to treat acne. However, these remedies do not often work as well as hoped.

Today, it is possible to eliminate even severe acne and its scars with the help of laser acne treatment. This treatment has the ability to offer acne free skin to all skin types and tones. After undergoing laser acne treatment, the patient will enjoy a lovely new complexion.

The function of laser acne treatment:

A laser pen is used to reduce sebum, remove dead cells and destroy acne causing bacteria. The root cause of acne is treated by penetrating laser rays deep in the skin. Laser treatment also helps to form collagen to rejuvenate the skin so that it looks smooth and soft. This treatment also helps to eliminate acne scars.

Some of the common laser acne treatments:

The following are some of the types of laser acne treatment:

• Diode laser acne treatments eliminate sebaceous glands from the middle layer of the skin.
• Blue light lasers which help to destroy acne caused by bacterial infections.
• Pulsed light lasers also help to destroy acne caused by bacterial infections.

Today, laser acne treatment is considered as one of the best ways to eliminate acne and its scars.