Apparently, there is a new treatment for combatting sweating that originated rather predictably, in the world of celebrities. When botox is injected into the underarm it paralyses the sweat glands. While the NHS has been using this technique as a treatment for excessive sweating for years, it has only become a cosmetic treatment fairly recently.

Keeping armpits looking good, however, also requires an effective hair removal method. It would seem that shaving and waxing are starting to fall out of favour now that treatments like laser hair removal are available.

Whereas shaving and waxing can irritate the skin and cause ingrowing hairs, laser hair removal is safe for the skin and the hair follicles are destroyed in the process. It also provides many longer-lasting results although the treatment itself is very quick.

So there you have it; for the best-kept armpits, laser hair removal offers the most effective and practical way to keep underarms free from hair. And if you want to ensure your summer outfits are not compromised by the dreaded sweat patches, apparently botox can do the trick.