It’s a common problem that someone has been out to get a tattoo only to regret it soon after. But it’s not a problem anymore because now you can get rid of it with Laser tattoo removal treatment. This treatment is safe and effective for tattoos of all sizes and colours. It is a treatment which fades the tattoo and in many cases, it removes the tattoo completely.

There are mainly two types of tattoos: Single-coloured tattoos can be removed easily with the help of lasers if compared to the multi-coloured tattoos. Multi-coloured tattoos are made up of colours such as black, blue and red. These colours are easy to remove in comparison to colours like green, yellow and purple.

How laser tattoo removal works:
The lasers break the ink particles into very tiny particles and the tattoo gradually disappears. Within 6-8 weeks the tattoo will fade away. Some brighter colours may take some longer time but in the majority of cases, they are also removed after 5-15 sessions.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?
Some of the patients experience a little pain during the process which is like a pricking sensation in the skin. So, the surgeon applies a local anaesthetic cream such as Ametop and EMLA or a local anaesthetic is injected in that area. This anaesthetic cream reduces the amount of pain and it is applied 1-2 hours before the treatment to get the best results.