When it comes to eliminating unwanted hairs, laser hair removal is undoubtedly one of the best available procedures. Hair removal is one of the most commonly undertaken laser treatments, with a very high success rate, and minimal side effects.

For many years, electrolysis was considered to be the only method for permanent hair removal. However, the procedure was long and required several visits even to treat a small area. Although it was not particularly painful, it was still quite uncomfortable.

A study in 2000, by Gorgu M et al, concluded that “Laser hair removal is more expensive than electrolysis, but is 60 times faster and less painful than electrolysis; also fewer sessions are needed, with better results.” This proves that electrolysis is not always the right choice to make, as you will need a long series of treatments.

During treatment, a cooling gel is applied to the affected area, and a beam of light is released. The light will be moved across your skin to penetrate all of the hair follicles. After a short amount of time, the gel is wiped away along with all unwanted hair. You may need to visit the clinic a few times for treating any new hair follicles that begin to grow.

So, if you want to get rid of your unwanted hairs, laser hair removal is one of the best procedures to opt for.