After you’ve shaved using a wet or dry razor, you may notice little spots and areas of inflammation starting to come up. This can be caused by shaving rash – irritation caused by the razor scraping against the skin – but it is most often caused by ingrowing hairs.

Ingrown hairs are hairs which have started to curl back on themselves or to grow sideways into the skin. The most common areas these ingrown hairs tend to be found are those which people shave with a razor, such as the legs, beard, neck and pubic region.

Ingrown hairs can be a little painful, as they cause red, inflamed bumps in the skin similar to spots. They can even become infected, which can be even more painful and irritating. Anything that causes the hair to be broken off short, but still with a sharp tip, can cause ingrown hairs.

As well as being a little painful, ingrown hairs can also be quite unsightly, making it difficult for people who have them to wear shorts or skirts in the summer or swimwear on the beach.

The best way to avoid ingrown hairs is to change your hair removal method. Rather than shaving, why not consider laser hair removal treatment? After a successful course of treatment, you won’t have to shave anymore and you shouldn’t have any more trouble with ingrown hairs.