When laser hair removal treatments were first made available to the public, they were most effective when used on people with lighter skin and darker hairs. This was simply because hairs containing less pigment, such as blonde, grey or red hair, were harder to eliminate.

The energy from the laser hair removal treatment uses the pigment in the hair to render the hair follicle unproductive. It is absorbed by the pigment and can then reach the parts of the hair that are below the skin’s surface. As the laser energy is attracted to darker pigments, an absence of pigment can make it more difficult to carry out effective treatment.

The Laser Treatment Centre was one of the first places able to offer hair removal in London for lighter and even white hair. It is suitable for use on most skin types and can be applied to almost any part of the body, including the face, underarm, bikini area, back, shoulders or legs.

So whereas lighter hair colour used to be a barrier to effective and long-lasting hair removal, The Laser Treatment Clinic has the technology to solve the problem.