Laser hair removal for men

Posted on 15 Jun, 2011

The Laser Treatment Clinic has the best laser hair removal London has to offer to both women and men. Hair removal is more often associated with women, and yet is it growing in popularity with men, too, and for a variety of reasons.

Unwanted body hair on men is often on the chest, back arms and legs. They may have excessive growth or they may want to remove it for aesthetic reasons. The options open to men for hair removal are similar to those available for women, and each has its advantages and disadvantages:

Waxing and sugaring

Painful! While the effects of waxing can last up to four weeks, making it the most permanent of the temporary methods, waxing and epilation can hurt like hell. It’s a good idea to go to a salon to have this done rather than try it at home, as it can cause ingrowing hairs if done incorrectly.


Quick, cheap and DIY! The major disadvantage with shaving, as any woman will tell you, is that it seems to make the hair grow back thicker and the effect does not last long. Shaving will need to be repeated every couple of days to maintain a smooth look.

Laser hair removal

Effective but expensive in the short term. Laser treatment requires a larger investment initially and should only be carried out by professionals. Once done, however, hair regrowth is minimal as the laser destroys the follicle.