Most women hate the idea of having their bikini line shaved or waxed. This is because shaving or waxing tends to leave razor bumps, rashes or in some cases causes redness of the skin. However, there are other solutions available.

Why opt for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a perfect solution for women who want a hairless look around the bikini line. It is a relatively painless yet highly effective procedure. The effects are long-lasting and there are hardly any side effects.

How does laser hair removal work?

The doctors target the hair follicles with the help of the specialist laser. These laser beams prevent the hair follicles from growing hair again. However, it should be noted that people who plan to have their pubic hair removed will have to undergo an initial treatment and two follow up sessions. These sessions are essential for your skin as they ensure that the effect of laser hair removal is long-lasting and permanent.

Is laser pubic hair removal different from other laser hair removal procedures?

Laser pubic hair removal is not entirely different than other hair removal procedures. The only difference being that in bikini line hair removal, the doctor tends to use a handheld laser to target the unwanted hair in order to keep the delicate and sensitive area safe.

How safe is laser hair removal for the pubic region?

Laser hair removal for the pubic region is extremely safe and there are no reported side effects. Thousands of people have undergone the procedure without reporting any side effects or inconvenience.