Laser hair removal – Get rid of unwanted hair with ease

Posted on 21 Dec, 2010

More often than not, people are wary about their looks. And, unwanted hair can be a hindrance to achieving good looks. Gone are the days when women preferred men with a hairy body or with facial hair. Metro-sexual is the new word that has taken the world by storm.

What can be termed as unwanted hair?

The answer to this question varies from person-to-person. It also depends on the sex of an individual. For instance, women prefer to undergo laser hair removal for excess facial and pubic hair while men prefer to undergo the procedure for excess chest and back hair. It is important to understand the needs of your body and also the style that you prefer prior to undergoing this procedure.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a simple procedure used by modern surgeons to get rid of unwanted hair growth. The lasers are targeted on to a specific part of the body. The hair follicles are targeted by the laser which ensures that the hair does not grow back on the treated part.

How effective is the procedure?

Laser hair removal is a simple, painless and highly effective procedure. It is a perfect replacement for shaving, waxing and hair removal creams. You might experience some amount of hair growth on the treated part after a couple of years. However, this hair is smooth and not prickly, which it would be due to constant shaving.

Laser hair removal is ideal if you are looking for a permanent solution for unwanted hair growth. Consult your family physician and seek his approval prior to opting for a procedure of this type.