A vast number of people around the world suffer from excessive hair growth. These people spend a huge amount of money on temporary methods of hair removal. Among the areas that are frequently affected are the chin, legs, hands, back, chest, face and pubic region. The traditional methods people use to remove this hair include shaving, waxing, plucking and other uncomfortable and temporary methods.

Laser treatment

Unwanted hair can now be removed permanently thanks to the development of lasers in this field of medicine. This form of treatment is gaining popularity all the time because it is effective and painless.

Unlike more temporary methods, laser treatment leaves patients with smooth, stubble-free skin. Although the treatment represents an initial expense, this pales in comparison to the amount that sufferers of this condition have to fork out on their temporary solutions.

The treatment actually involves a number of short sessions during which a handheld laser is passed over the affecting area of skin. This will obviously take longer for larger areas. Afterwards, patients are free to go about there business as normal but will be advised to avoid exposing the treated skin to direct sunlight until it has fully recovered. The treatment is not associated with any lasting side-effects.