Laser hair removal is effective and safe

Posted on 05 Oct, 2009

The laser hair removal treatment is gaining immense popularity. Excess hair is undesirable, especially facial hair. Unwanted hair on the eyebrows and upper lip can spoil your look especially if you are a well-groomed female. Most women end up waxing or shaving those areas but the hair soon returns, thicker and more stubborn. However, laser hair removal treatment works best. The advanced technology enables quick removal with immediate satisfaction.

Body hair comes in diverse types, with varying densities and thickness. Hair growth depends on your genes and race too. Hair growth has no standard growth rate, which can explain why it is so difficult to remove. The laser hair removal treatment, however, best suits most hair types as it uses a laser beam to target the hair follicle which in turn disable hair growth.

This treatment is safe as it does not harm the nearby tissues. The laser technique covers most of the targeted area all at once eliminating the need for several visits. It is effective as it helps in minimising the growth of unwanted hair.

Your doctor may decide the number of visits is required depending upon the amount of your hair, type and your skin. The treatment can last from a few minutes to up to an hour. Women are always worried about the side effects of skin treatments, but side effects caused during the laser treatment are comparatively less and it varies from person to person. It may cause swelling and redness which will heal with time. For a second opinion, you can even check with your family doctor for any precautions to be taken prior to the treatment.

The laser treatment is the outcome of years and years of strict studies with a fruitful outcome. However, it is vital to consult a reputable doctor before undergoing the treatment if you have any concerns or fears about the procedure. Afterwards, you can say goodbye forever to waxing and shaving.