In the past, laser hair removal treatment was only truly effective on a specific skin and hair type. If you had pale skin and dark hair, the treatment was more likely to be a success. People with blonde, grey or white hair were turned away or were disappointed with the results of their treatment.

The reason for this was that the type of laser used to carry out the treatment would focus its beam on the melanin naturally found in the hair shaft. The hair shaft and follicle would be heated until the cells responsible for hair growth were destroyed and the active hair follicle would die. Darker hair obviously has more melanin, allowing the laser to do its job more effectively.

Good news for people with lighter hair

This has all changed, as laser treatment technology has advanced to such a point that people with lighter hair can be treated just as successfully as people with darker hair. Not all clinics have the specialist equipment needed to treat lighter hair colours, so you will need to have a specialist consultation to find out whether a clinic offers this service or not.