Laser hair removal – the perfect solution for effective hair removal

Posted on 13 May, 2011

Laser hair removal has now become a proven method to eliminate unwanted hair. Unlike the earlier techniques like waxing, epilating and shaving, laser treatment for hair removal is highly effective in the permanent removal of unwanted body hair.

Laser treatment for hair removal involves three different steps – cleaning, shaving and scanning the area of treatment. During the scanning phase, high-intensity laser light beams are focused on the skin surface. The energy emitted by the laser light is absorbed by the pigment present in the hair follicles. This is what quickly disables the growth process of the hair follicles.

Application of the procedure mostly depends on the area that is to be treated, the growth cycle of your hair and the hair density. This will also decide the number of treatments you need for permanent hair removal.

The results of the procedure obviously differ for different patients. Whilst some may notice a difference very quickly, for others it may take several sessions for the changes to take effect. It is actually quite common for patients to benefit from the permanent reduction or total elimination of hair from the parts of the body they have treated.