Laser hair removal to get rid of those unwanted hairs

Posted on 30 Sep, 2009

Are you among the many individuals looking for a solution to endless waxing and the shaving of unwanted hairs? If you are looking for a method that can provide long-lasting results, then laser hair removal is one of the best options. Unlike other outdated practices, the laser hair removal process utilises innovative laser technology to individually target hair strands. With laser hair removal process, you will be able to enjoy a permanently smoother skin in just a few treatments. Laser hair removal to get rid of those unwanted hairs

Unlike other hair removal procedures, a laser hair removal procedure is painless and is performed by an expert. It works well to disable the follicle underneath the skin surface. A handheld machine is generally used to deliver the light pulses straight through the base of the hair. To avoid any uncomfortable effects, a cooling gel is applied by the practitioner. Usually, a slight sting sensation can be felt.

In the laser hair removal process, the light turns into heat when it is pressed up against the skin. Generally, the heat is absorbed into the dermis and immediately works to deaden the follicle and slow or cease further hair growth. Although ending or slowing the long-term hair growth and achieving smooth skin is the final goal of the laser hair removal process, melanin, the pigment-producing compound is the main target. As thick black and dark brown hairs possess a high concentration of melanin, laser works more efficiently on these specific follicles.