Laser hair removal treatment – Factors that may affect it

Posted on 27 Oct, 2010

Laser hair removal treatment is the most effective hair removal treatment currently available. However, it is necessary that you understand the suitability of this treatment before choosing it as a viable option. Here are some factors you should consider before opting for laser hair removal treatment:

The growth and colour of your hair

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the growth of your hair. The darker and longer the hair, the more sessions of treatment you will need. If your hair is dense, it takes time for the light to reach the surface which makes the procedure lengthy.

The complexion of the skin

The complexion of the skin is also a factor to be considered during the laser hair removal treatment. This treatment works faster on light skin tones. Individuals with dark skin require more sessions of treatment.

Similarly, the results depend on the pigmentation of your skin. Even if you are fair but the skin you want to have laser treatment on is pigmented then the treatment will take time to show results.

The area to be treated

The growth of hair differs as per the part of the body affected. For instance, hair on the back will be completely different from facial hair. Some hairs are light while others are dark. Facial hair hence takes less time to remove and can be removed in just a few sessions.

When it comes to hair on other parts of body, especially the back, chest, hands and legs; it might take more sessions to get the desired results.