At present, many people all around the world suffer from excessive hair growth. People generally try some treatments such as waxing, shaving and even electrolysis, but the results are, more often than not, unsatisfactory. These methods are sometimes painful and always temporary in nature.

Unlike these outdated hair removal methods, laser hair removal treatment is faster, painless and inhibits hair growth in the area thereafter. If you are planning to undergo laser hair removal treatment then you need to understand more about the procedure.

Details about laser hair removal procedure

In the treatment, a laser is passed through the skin and hits the hair follicles. The highly concentrated beam of light is very effective at completely disabling the overactive hair follicles. Once the whole treatment is completed, there will be no hair growth in the treated area.

Time required for complete hair removal

The number of sessions required varies on the basis of the area which needs to be treated. The nature of the hair also affects the treatment to some extent and certain aspects of the procedure will be determined by factors such as the colour of the hair and the patient’s skin tone.