As with any relatively new technology, laser treatment advances more and more every day. When laser treatment was first used for cosmetic hair removal, it was only really effective on people with darker-coloured hair. However, it can now be used on light hair colours for the same great results.

The reason that laser hair removal is generally the most effective on dark hairs is down to the pigment they contain. Dark hair is given its black or brown colour by something called eumelanin, and it is that is targeted during laser treatment. The melanin in the hair shaft and follicle is heated by the laser, effectively destroying its ability to grow new hair. This results in a permanent reduction in hair in the treated areas.

Blonde and red hair, on the other hand, is caused by pheomelanin. This is much more difficult to target, simply because the hairs contain less pigment.

The good news for people wanting to remove excess body or facial hair that is lighter in colour is that in a select number of the clinics specialising in laser hair removal London has to offer, more advanced laser technology is available. What’s more, this treatment is effective, and can get rid of lighter hair just as well as darker hair.