If you want long-lasting results and desire to avoid waxing and shaving then laser hair removal treatment is the perfect option for you. In this treatment, a laser is used to remove unwanted facial or body hair. The laser heats the hair follicle from its base which destroys the hair and even prevents re-growth.

Prior to laser treatment
Before the treatment starts, the technician and you need to ensure that there are no lotions, makeup and creams applied on the area which will be treated. After examining the skin, the gel is applied on the skin and it works as a conductor for the laser which helps to keep the skin cool at the time of the process. Now, the technician will use a handheld tool to remove the hair.

How laser hair removal works
The light of the laser goes into the base of the hair follicle which destroys the root of the hair. This process is effective enough to stop the hair growth in the specific area. The lasers are specifically set in such a way that they do not affect the surrounding skin. This process is much more effective on darker hair and fairer skin.

After laser hair removal treatment
It is always recommended to undergo multiple sessions to ensure the results are long-lasting because hair growth is based on a cycle and all the hair does not grow at the same time. So, multiple or repeated sessions over a short span of time may be necessary to keep the particular area hair-free long term.