Laser hair removal treatment – treat the root cause of your unwanted hair

Posted on 10 Aug, 2010

Laser hair treatments use the latest technology to treat unwanted hair and target the root cause of hair growth. Here are a few facts you should know about laser hair removal:


A laser is used in this procedure, which targets your skin with light pulses. This light works on the hair follicles- resulting in the hair falling away naturally. The time span of the procedure depends on the area which is being treated and the thickness of the hair. Laser hair removal can effectively treat unwanted hair from several parts of the body such as the underarms, bikini, face and legs.


Laser hair removal aims to achieve a more permanent reduction in the growth of unwanted hair and is a much longer-lasting solution than methods such as shaving and waxing.

Sessions needed

The amount of sessions needed generally depends on the amount of hair which needs to be removed, although you will be given an idea of how many sessions you will need before treatment begins.

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