Laser Hair Removal: Why You Shouldn’t Do It At Home

Posted on 08 May, 2020

Laser hair removal is an incredibly popular treatment with women and now more and more men are seeking it out too. As with any professional treatment, home versions of professional laser hair removal machines have been available to purchase for a number of years now too. However, just because these machines are available to consumers, does it mean that you should be investing in one rather than going to a professional?

Before you decide to invest in a home laser hair removal device consider the fact that if you misuse it, the results can be far more serious than if you were to give yourself a haircut or a manicure. Without proper experience and training, you will be relying on the machine alone to achieve the results you desire, leaving plenty of room for error.

Of course, this doesn’t stop people from turning their hand to at-home laser hair removal, often citing financial reasons as their main argument for doing so. But consider this, are you really going to be saving money once you have spent hundreds of pounds on a piece of equipment that you are not trained to use? Especially if you don’t achieve the desired result even with repeated use.

Safety First

The most important reason why you shouldn’t attempt laser hair removal yourself is safety. A trained skin expert has spent years honing their knowledge of how to best use these machines, gather knowledge of how to treat different skin types and tones. You, on the other hand, will likely not possess any of this knowledge and could easily injure yourself. For example, laser hair removal isn’t recommended if you are taking certain medications, something which a professional clinic will take into consideration.


In order to make these devices safe for at-home use manufacturers must, of course, make them far less powerful than the laser hair removal devices used by trained professionals in clinics like ours. Despite this, these machines still cost hundreds of pounds, meaning that you are making a big financial commitment to a product that is less effective.


Another key issue with investing in laser hair removal at home is efficiency. As we have already mentioned, these devices are nowhere near as powerful as the machines that you will find in clinics, so they will not be able to deliver the same results. This issue of efficiency means that an area will need more treatments using an at-home device than it would compared against the number of sessions required in a clinical setting.

Laser Hair Removal at a Clinic

With so many downsides to at-home laser hair removal, it’s no wonder that most people feel disappointed with the results and the wasted financial investment they have made. Both of these issues can easily be avoided by choosing a professional laser hair removal treatment at a clinic like ours.

Our trained skin experts have decades of combined experience in treating patients of all skin tones and types, offering laser hair removal treatments that are both safe and effective. We are particularly skilled at treating black and Asian skin tones, giving these the extra care and attention they require for laser hair removal.

So, don’t make the mistake of investing in an inefficient at-home device and instead book a free consultation to find out more about how our skin experts can help you do away with any unwanted hair.