Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. We often find ourselves in situations where we make decisions that we will later come to regret, such as the decision to get a tattoo. Some people, especially teenagers, decide to get a tattoo permanently etched upon a part of their body. They often get carried away with this radical idea and make a rash decision but later, once the novelty has worn off, they want to get it removed. This mostly happens when they grow older and more mature.

If you are one of those people and want to get rid of a tattoo then there is a way that you can remove it. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most effective methods of removing a tattoo compared to other techniques.

Some people may have doubts about this method, and wonder whether the tattoo will be completely removed or if the procedure will hurt or leave a scar. However, laser tattoo removal surgery is a painless procedure. It works on the principle of selective thermolysis, where the energy from the laser falls on the tattoo and results in the destruction of the foreign pigment.

Laser tattoo removal surgery does not damage the skin surrounding the tattoo; it simply removes the ink of the tattoo. However in some cases, if the colours used are very dark, then the tattoo can be lightened but not completely eliminated.