Laser skin resurfacing – A safe procedure for dark skin

Posted on 28 Aug, 2010

Following on close heels with celebrities and public personalities, more and more people want to duplicate the most recent ‘good look’. In pursuit of a flawless skin and a perfect body, people are ready to go to any lengths to get a stunning body and skin.

Lasers effectively cure pigmentation

Laser treatments have been introduced to combat different skin problems. One of the problems lasers effectively cure is pigmentation of skin. The earlier laser treatments were effective only for lighter skin tones. With technological advancements, laser treatments can effectively treat darker skin tones.


The treatment involves running intense pulses of laser light on the affected area. The laser beams are effective in removing the upper, damaged layers of the skin. Once this is done, it creates room for new, fresher looking skin to develop. The new skin formed is wrinkle-free and uniform.

Discolouration problems

Laser skin resurfacing is effective in treating discolouration of skin. Resurfacing is also beneficial to heal acne scars. Laser technology is more advanced and capable of removing more layers of skin compared to microdermabrasion. Laser resurfacing produces dramatic results.

Keloid scars

The major concern with treating dark skinned people with lasers was the outbreak of keloid scars after the operation. Earlier laser skin treatments were considered appropriate only for fair skin tones. Keloids are thick, elevated skin tissues that come in different colours. Some are pink coloured while some are dark brown in colour. With the advancements in laser technologies, even these issues can be treated with ease now.