Laser stretch mark removal- a highly effective procedure

Posted on 20 Aug, 2010

Stretch marks are an issue for many people all over the world. Laser stretch mark removal has shown to be the most effective method of fading stretch marks.

The treatment uses sophisticated technology to fade the marks, and it is very affordable nowadays.

The problem

Stretch marks are caused by the swift expansion of the skin. This is commonly caused by sudden weight gain and pregnancy. Stretch marks develop when the middle section of the skin, the dermis, gets stretched beyond its limits. This causes breakage of connective fibres, which eventually causes scarring. Stretch marks usually develop on the thighs, stomach, hips and upper arms, and look like pink or purple lines. They do not pose any health hazards and are just a cosmetic problem, although many people still want to eliminate them.

The laser procedure

Stretch marks are basically scars, and lasers can effectively treat them. Laser treatment for stretch mark removal involves the use of high-intensity laser beams which target the damaged skin areas around the stretch marks. The intense light affects the molecular bonds in the skin’s tissues, causing them to disintegrate. New collagen then starts developing- thus leading to the formation of new, smooth skin.


The surgery is non-invasive and has very few side effects. It isn’t usually a lengthy procedure, and patients can resume their normal activities quickly.