Laser stretch mark removal – a quick, painless and effective procedure

Posted on 23 Nov, 2010

Many people who have lost or gained a considerable amount of weight in a short amount of time suffer from stretch marks. As these stretch marks can look unsightly, people search for different ways to get rid of them. While a number of lotions and creams are available, none of them proves to be completely effective in eliminating stretch marks. This is when laser stretch marks removal is the best procedure to go for.

Stretch marks can appear on any part of your body but mainly affects the arms, stomach, legs, back and hips. They usually appear following fast weight gain, extreme weight loss and pregnancy. The laser stretch mark removal procedure uses high-intensity laser light beams to eliminate those ugly looking stretch marks. The procedure works by removing the old stretched skin using a laser, thus allowing new skin to grow back.

Consider the laser stretch mark removal procedure

While other stretch mark removal procedures are quite ineffective, laser stretch marks removal procedure offers positive results every time. As it removes the upper thin layer of your skin, the dead cells and scar tissues causing marks are removed. Once these cells start to regenerate, new skin is replaced with the scar tissue. The result of this procedure is a new and healthy skin devoid of any unsightly marks.

In order to completely get rid of those ugly looking stretch marks, several treatment sessions may be required. The procedure is quick, painless and hardly lasts any time, so is considered an ideal treatment.