Many people during their lifetimes come across the problems of stretch marks. Women tend to be more susceptible than men to these marks. They can find them embarrassing and the marks can prevent them from wearing certain outfits and looking good. Early pink marks can be treated quickly to prevent them from becoming scars.

Stretch marks generally affect women during pregnancy, if they gain excessive weight in a short period of time and also during puberty. Thanks to developing technology stretch marks can easily be removed, without the need for ineffective creams and ointments.

The most common areas on the body where stretch marks occur are breasts, thighs, stomach, hips, arms and also the back in some cases. When stretch marks first appear they are pinkish and reddish maroon in colour and in time they turn into white scar-like lines. These scars are difficult to remove completely if you use creams and other techniques.

Laser stretch mark removal can eradicate stretch marks, leaving no traces. The treatment is also pain-free.

The treatment generally takes a number of sessions to take effect, with each session taking about 15 minutes to half an hour. Consult your physician or skin specialist before opting for this treatment, as he/she will assess your skin type and medical history.