Laser stretch mark removal – the best treatment to get rid of stretch marks

Posted on 07 Nov, 2010

Stretch marks are a common skin problem for those who have gained excess weight within a short period of time. Pregnancy and sudden weight gain are two major causes of stretch marks.

Though there are many creams and lotions available in the market, all promising cures for stretch marks, none of them come with a guaranteed treatment. Laser stretch mark removal is the best treatment to cure stretch marks.

The procedure

With laser stretch mark removal, intense laser beams are directed at the affected areas of the skin to remove the thin layers of the skin surrounding the marks. The concentrated beams of laser light are effective at removing scar tissue. Once the laser stretch mark removal is completed, the healing process starts and new skin starts appearing within a short period of time. Collagen, which is a protein responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, starts getting produced after the laser treatment.

Time is taken

Laser stretch mark removal is not a time-consuming procedure and it takes between ten minutes and one hour depending on the portion of the skin stretched and the depth of the stretch marks. For severe cases, many sessions will be required. Most cases require around two to six sessions for a complete cure. A good thing about this procedure is that it is painless and the patient does not feel anything more than a pinching sensation when the laser beams are focussed.

No side effects

There are virtually no side effects of laser stretch mark removal as modern technology has made the treatment free from unpleasant effects. The results will vary depending on the age of the marks. Old scars are difficult to treat compared to scars that are newly formed.