Scars and stretch marks are generally considered unpleasant imperfections which can seriously damage a person’s self –esteem and body confidence.

When layers of the skin are injured or burnt, the healing process results in scarring, whereas stretch marks are caused due to the stretching of the skin during bodybuilding, weight loss, or pregnancy. In the beginning, they appear red in colour, but later turn to white as the process of healing takes place. Laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stretch marks and scars.

How laser treatment works to remove scars and stretch marks
During the procedure, a beam of light removes thin layers of skin around the stretch marks or scars and unlike other treatments, it does not use burning or cutting to achieve this. Instead, laser treatment uses high-energy rays to disrupt the molecular bonds in the skin tissue, which causes it to disintegrate by means of a process known as ablation. After the treatment, the affected area will heal and new layers of healthy skin will form again.

The process is highly effective, but it can be difficult to treat older stretch marks. Some patients require more than 10 sessions to completely remove stretch marks.

Benefits of laser treatment
One of the most important benefits is that, in most cases, the stretch marks and scars are completely removed using this relatively painless procedure, leaving the patient completely satisfied with the results.