Laser stretch mark removal is a relatively recent advancement in the removal of stretch marks. Listed below is some important information regarding laser stretch mark removal.


Thin layers of skin around the stretch marks are removed during the procedure. This is done with the help of a powerful laser. An excimer laser is used for stretch mark removal. The molecular bonds in the skin’s tissue are loosened with this high-intensity ultraviolet laser.


Following the stretch mark removal procedure, the affected area will be red and soft. This is due to the fact that older layers of skin are removed, although new layers of skin will grow quickly. In some cases, blisters and other symptoms similar to burn injuries may be present.


The biggest benefit of laser stretch mark removal is its effectiveness, which is why patient satisfaction is so high. Another benefit is the safety of the treatment. As the excimer laser that used is carefully controlled, there is only a slim chance of a mishap. Unlike surgical body sculpting procedures, it is not extremely invasive, which is why the recovery costs, the recovery time and complications associated with the treatment are far less.

Keep these things in mind before considering any other method of stretch mark removal.