Laser stretch mark removal – what you need to know

Posted on 03 Nov, 2010

Stretch marks are a result of sudden weight changes that may occur due to pregnancy or sudden weight gain/loss. These marks are scars beneath the topmost skin layer, also known as striae. Stretch marks appear when there is a rapid growth in tissues while the skin does not grow quickly. Ultimately, the skin ends up with small ridges which the body repairs and the new skin become scars.

Today, numerous over the counter creams and lotions are available to get rid of those stretch marks. However, they are not as effective as they claim. This is when opting for laser stretch mark removal procedure is a good option. As the procedure is quick, easy and painless, it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

What is laser treatment and how is it helpful?

Laser stretch mark removal procedure is one way to eliminate or remove stretch marks. These lasers are actually small light beams used to regenerate the damaged skin. It effectively dissolves scar marks and tissues. As the scar tissues are disrupted, skin can re-grow normally and thus eliminate the scar damage.

After successful completion of laser stretch mark removal procedure, your skin will become softer. Moreover, as lasers help to get rid of uneven colours caused by the scarring tissue, your skin will have the same colour as that of the nearby skin areas.

In order to completely get rid of those ugly looking stretch marks, several treatment sessions are required. Soon after the laser stretch mark removal treatment, your skin may appear red, but this will fade after a day or two.