Laser surgery for stretch mark removal

Posted on 23 Oct, 2009

Stretch marks are many women’s worst nightmare. They are most commonly formed when skin gets stretched quickly- usually as a result of putting on weight. However, weight loss can also cause them to appear.

Stretch marks are very common amongst pregnant women, as the skin stretches so rapidly. More and more women have been looking into affordable and effective methods of stretch mark removal to remove existing marks.

Laser surgery is the most successful method of stretch mark removal and can help to fade the marks significantly.

Laser surgery is a relatively painless process which fades stretch marks quickly and utilises the most advanced laser technology available today.

Laser surgery involves using a beam of light to target stretch marks. The light penetrates the dermis, which disrupts the particles of the scar tissue. New collagen and skin tissues will start to form, which will allow the skin to heal. Laser surgery does not only help to fade stretch marks but can also make the skin feel much smoother.

With the help of the laser surgery, stretch mark removal is now a much more effective and simple procedure.